Historic Preservation

At A&E, we believe Historic Preservation isn’t just about beauty. It’s about preserving the history, the culture, and the very identity of a place. Not surprisingly, when it comes to preservation in the inland Northwest, no other team of architects has our record of accomplishments.

Indeed, no other team has our credentials. Many A&E team members not only meet, but far exceed the Department of Interior’s standards for historic preservation architects.

For example, Principal Jim McDonald, who holds a degree from Columbia University as a Historic Architect, has spent his career specializing in Historic Preservation — and saving national landmark structures.

Jim inspired Paul Filicetti to acquire similar credentials. Together with Paul’s energy and motivation, Jim’s wisdom and experience have produced a highly skilled next-generation talent base at A&E.

Those qualities have brought A&E some of the most significant Historic Preservation projects in the country, including the renovation of the Montana State Capitol and the landmark restoration of Old Faithful Inn. Both projects have received regional and national awards in preservation. Now, A&E’s team continues to work tirelessly on some of the region’s most significant structures, from Morgan Case Cabin to Grand Canyon’s North Rim Lodge.