The Travel Lottery of A&E

A&E’s Travel Lottery

A&E Architects recognizes the continuing role inspiration plays in the design process, and also acknowledges the role environment plays in the harboring of creative energy. Our thoughts are shaped by our surroundings, so imagine the impact a change of scenery has on the creative process. Travel infuses vitality into the brain and unleashes a flow of energy that illuminates sensations and observations. New insight and clarity are born out of going beyond the familiar.

Travel is an essential part of an architect’s experience. Enhancing creative points of view and expanding artistic vision accelerate the evolution of design possibilities. Dedicated to innovation and with determined purpose, A&E’s annual Travel Lottery is an illustration of the firm’s exceptional commitment to excellence. Each year, a few lucky staff members, selected at random, are awarded travel vouchers. Winners walk away with checks in hand and the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world.

Destinations have been as varied and unique as the travelers themselves. The Lottery is firm-wide and open to all (except partners); vouchers have previously been awarded to architects, interns, and administrative support alike. Winners are bound to a single stipulation: To provide a staff presentation detailing their travels, with particular attention paid towards the destination’s unique architecture. Through each winner’s presentation, A&E has vicariously traveled, domestically and abroad, to inspiring locations that stir the imagination.

From the soaring skyline of London, England, to the breathtaking La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, A&E Lottery winners have witnessed some of the most awe-inspiring architectural wonders of the world. However, winners have also appreciated extraordinary design close to home. A recent winner traveled to the Rolling Huts of Winthrop, Washington, and offered a unique presentation illustrating architecture harmoniously fused with the natural landscape. In similar fashion, another winner embarked on a summer road trip, traveling south through Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, showcasing the abundant shapes, colors, and patterns found in nature that are at the universal core of timeless design.

Actively engaging in something new stimulates and challenges, not only the way we think, but also the way we see things. A&E Architects see things with a global perspective. As a result of staff travel, the firm’s collective creativity is invigorated by the powerful impact of embracing experiences out of the ordinary. A&E understands the value of fostering inspiration.

Inspiration fuels passion, and passion redefines the boundaries of exceptional design.

Walkie-Talkie Building; London, England
Rolling Huts; Winthrop, Washington
La Sagrada Familia; Barcelona, Spain