Planning for the Future of MSU Athletics

MSU Athletics Master Plan

Innovative design enhances more than just a physical space; it has the power to transform the user’s experience in that space.  The MSU Athletics Master Plan aims to transform the University’s athletic facilities, shaping a bold vision for MSU’s ambitious future for student life and the Bozeman community.  As part of the University’s strategic plan, “Our Heritage, Our Future,” this project encompasses new developments proposed over a 20 year timeline.  Renovations and expansions to both new and existing facilities will enhance the University in countless ways, but most importantly, will provide vital opportunities for meaningful connection between students, faculty, and the community of Bozeman.

A key element of the Master Plan is the establishment of a connective framework between the northern region of campus to Bobcat Stadium.  Serving as a primary link, the new Bobcat Promenade will join Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, the new Norm Asbjornson Hall, and parking areas to the stadium, simultaneously establishing connections to the Bobcat Indoor Performance Facility and athletic fields.  This new promenade will serve as a critical focal point for the university, ultimately guiding students, visitors, alumni, and fans to the heart of campus.

While the Bobcat Stadium serves as a space for students and community alike to unite and celebrate, the new Academic Excellence Center will provide space for student athletes to gather for tutoring, studying, community building, and recruiting.  The Center will offer an athletic lounge, study spaces, and an Ogle Hall of Fame event space, enhancing the learning experience and educational performance of student athletes.  Leon Costello, Director of MSU Athletics, anticipates the new space claiming, “Our goal is to create centers of excellence that embrace our mission to create champions – both on and off the field.”

One of the most influential aspects of the Master Plan is the “M to M Concept,” a unique design enhancing the special connection between campus and the city of Bozeman.  This concept aims to create a new trademark “M” within Bobcat Stadium, mirroring the original “M” constructed at Bridger Canyon over 100 years ago by volunteer MSU students.  Side by side in a packed stadium, Bobcat fans will experience a special moment as both trademark “M’s” glow in unison, blending old traditions with new.  The concept poetically coincides with MSU’s strategic plan, “Our Heritage, Our Future,” humbly honoring the past, yet paving way for the future.

Comprised of numerous MSU graduates, A&E eagerly anticipates continuing to collaborate with the University on this special project.  Combining innovative design with the enduring spirit of community, the MSU Athletics Master Plan embodies the best of A&E – Creating with reverence for the past and passion for the future.

Martha Hawkins