A&E’s Jim McDonald Awarded the Preserve Wyoming Lifetime Achievement Award

A&E's Jim McDonald Awarded the Preserve Wyoming Lifetime Achievement Award
Preserve Wyoming Lifetime Achievement Award goes to A&E’s Jim McDonald

Preserving historic structures is a visceral experience. Layer by layer, the evolving continuum of our shared past is uncovered, revealing evidence of our story – landmarks of our identity.

A&E’s Jim McDonald knows firsthand about the intrinsic value of preserving historic structures. He has dedicated his career, spanning over 40 years, to the restoration and conservation of historical treasures, and has been widely considered an expert in the rustic architectural style of National Parks in the Western United States.

As a recent recipient of the Preserve Wyoming Lifetime Achievement Award, he has been recognized for his exceptional work in the state of Wyoming, particularly in Yellowstone National Park. His large body of work in Wyoming includes: Lake Yellowstone Hotel, Old Faithful Lodge, Old Faithful Lower and Upper Stores, Fishing Bridge Store, Mammoth General Store, Norris Museum Bookstore, Roosevelt Lodge, and Roosevelt Cabin. Jim and the A&E team infused new life into these historic buildings, embracing each unique challenge without altering the timeless, character-defining features.

At A&E, we recognize that historic preservation is more than just a set of standards or regulations and codes. It is more than just detailed planning, analysis, and innovative technology use. Preservation is the act of reawakening a memory – It is a devotion to the past, restored through passion. This passion resonates with A&E’s historic preservation team, believing that historic buildings unify and give meaning to communities.

A&E maintains a talented historic preservation studio, comprised of Jim McDonald, Paul Filicetti, Dennis Johnson, Crystal Herzog, Matthew Morgan, Matthew Muir, and Kate Tilleman. The practice of historic preservation endures and broadens through their collective work.

The harmonious balance between old and new is an expression of our nature. What remains from the past inspires our future. It provides each generation a sense of perspective and definition of character. It helps us understand our capacities as human beings. A&E salutes Jim McDonald’s lifelong commitment to this profound mission, and to the continued excellence of our historic preservation team.

-Martha Hawkins