A New Chapter of Excellence – A&E CEO

Dusty Eaton, CEO
A&E proudly announces the promotion of partner Dusty Eaton to CEO.

After 43 years of timeless design, A&E Architects looks to the future with an inspired dedication to excellence. Architecture demands a creative and intuitive perspective, responsive to the delicate balance of the classic and the contemporary. The harmonious merging of design elements produces projects of both permanence and originality. The design process is set in motion with skill, experience, vision, and most significantly, passion.

It is with this passion that A&E proudly announces the promotion of partner Dusty Eaton to CEO. Proud of an identity shaped by decades of work, Dusty harnesses a momentum fueled by tradition and history, guiding A&E Architects towards a new chapter of excellence. Conscious of the industry’s ever-evolving landscape, Dusty embodies the vision, energy, and adaptability to not only compete, but excel in the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

A&E celebrates this moment by revealing the firm’s new mission statement, “Rooted in Tradition. Fueled by Passion.” This statement succinctly and articulately expresses A&E’s ambitious and determined perspective. With Dusty’s visionary leadership, A&E Architects aims to redefine the boundaries of design, pursuing a new phase of progress and innovation.