Transforming the Design Process with Virtual Reality

A&E's Chad Schreiner, wearing the Oculus headset, is immersed in a project's virtual space.

At A&E Architects, we recognize that the success of a project is directly related to how well we interpret a client’s needs, communicate our vision, and execute the final design. Virtual Reality technology is an extraordinary, cutting-edge way to enhance the communication and understanding of a project. It removes communication barriers by providing a client the sense of space, depth, and spatial awareness necessary to fully experience, explore, and understand a design concept.

Unlike a floorplan, 3D rendering, or model, Virtual Reality creates a simulated 3-D environment. With a headset device, equipped with a small screen worn over the eyes, and hand controls used to provide direction and guide movement, a client can now walk through a virtual space. Design becomes more than just something seen, but instead something experienced.

By providing clients and stakeholders an interactive tour through spaces prior to breaking ground, Virtual Reality is revolutionizing our design process. The benefits of this dynamic technology are profound. As a visualization tool, it solves problems before they exist. With all stakeholders on the same page, any disparities or enhancements can be addressed during the earliest design phases, saving time and money.  Virtual Reality also creates a less constrained process for designers to intuitively test out ideas and be inspired.

A&E recognizes that the ever-evolving landscape of architecture demands not only a creative approach, but also innovative technology use. Creativity and innovation fuel the passion essential for good design. And now with Virtual Reality, design doesn’t just take shape, it comes to life.

A&E's Chad Schreiner, wearing the Oculus headset, is immersed in a project's virtual space.
Virtual reality hardware and accessories.
Virtual reality hardware.
A&E's Chad Schreiner walks through the virtual space of a recent project.