How We Work

We don’t just design buildings. We design the process of creating buildings.

The architects of A&E have acquired a unique appreciation of timelessness — and a corresponding ability to create designs of substance. One result of our philosophy is that A&E buildings not only endure, but also function comfortably and naturally for their owners and users.

Our shorthand for this approach is The Architecture of Permanence. For us, this signifies a combination of innovation, meaning, lasting beauty, independence from design trends, and responsibility to both the past and the future.

In every Forest Service project they’ve worked on, A&E has been able to push the envelope and enhance the design, while still listening closely to what we want.

Bruce Crockett

When we sat down with Jim and Chris, it was obvious they’d know how to treat a 100-year old building — the brick shell, the roof, the turrets.

Megan Kosena

We visited some project sites and at the A&E site we felt a warm home-like environment, but at the others we had the feeling that we’d get a box.

Rick Haraldson

A&E Architects